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What Printmaking Means to Me!

In my early twenties, I discovered Printmaking in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, after moving there from Rhode Island.  Never before did I find anything else in life that excited me as much!  I started out by teaching myself through books.  I have been a Printmakers for 30 years now and I remember how my early discovery allowed me to have an understanding of why I think the way I do.  It was an elated arrival into a world of ink, paper, tools and presses.   I was fascinated to my core and I set off to learn from the best printmakers in the world because I was determined to become that sponge willing to soak it all up - it has been an amazing experience to learn about Printmaking through the eyes and hands of some of the great European, British and American Printmakers known to us today:  Robert Blackburn, Bartolomeu cid dos Santos, Stanley Jones, Hartmut Berlinicke and Dan Welden.  Of course, there have been inspirations by others too, like Ron Kitaj, Norman Ackroyd, Eduardo Paolozzi (w…