From Paper to Metal

'Light' Bronze Sculpture
Appreciators and viewers often ask the Artist questions like What inspires you? or How long does it take to make a print or make a sculpture?  I believe, the age of the artist is the amount of time it takes to conceive idea into reality; so it is unusual for me to say it has taken 1 hour or 3 months or 4 years.  The visuals I aspire to print and vice -versa fabricate into sculpture are inspired from the environmental elements which surround us in my everyday.  Many  cultures saw the growing spiral and we all first experienced touch, smell, sound, sight, and taste.  SUN is Light or Fire and I see it from the top.  WIND is Air and I see it forming on the right.   WATER is Spirit or Mother Earth and I see it from the bottom of the ocean.   SOUND reaches all these elements and senses and surrounds us forming from my left.  My work is mostly inspired by Light and how it plays an integral part of what we see.  I am the Fire element and I am powered by the Sun or that higher spirit.  I am inspired by organic designs found in nature and Science and Art combine for fabulous idea-making.   Flora and fauna; plants or animals, amphibians, insects, corals and aquatic life; all living creatures among us and our emotional well-being inspires me to work.  When natural light interacts with our perception, as artist, I gift that perception to others, it is very rewarding to offer another way of seeing things.  I have always worked with paper first, because I am a Printmaker first and working with paper allows me to feel in 2-dimension and fabricate then in 3-dimensional parts so that I can form sculpture-I exaggerate our creatures and refractions in our world which magnifies why we should be in awe with the part they do play in our everyday worlds.

Intaglio Prints Aquatint & Chine Colle'
     A/P 2/4                           'Light'                    Melissa Strawser

A/P 2/2                     'Marriage'            Melissa Strawser 2016





Laurie LaMonica said…
You are so in sync with the earth. Your work is such an amazing reflection of the beautiful person you are!

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